vTiger CRM Development

vTiger CRM Customization and vTiger CRM Custom Module Development by professional Software Development Company based in India & Canada.

vTiger CRM is a open source and free CRM solution which provides product support at low cost and is ideal for SMBs. It can be used for management of various activities like automation of sales force & marketing needs, procurement and customer support. At Evia Global we strive to transform business ideas into customized solutions. We have global clientele to whom we provide vTiger CRM custom module development services with our unique customer centric approach. Our development team is proficient in integrating existing modules as well as creation of new modules as per requirements of your business. Few of the other services we provide consist of hosting & installation, configuring as well as managing and creation of custom plug-ins as required.

vTiger CRM Development ideal for sales force automation and inventory management with support for vTiger CRM Customization and vTiger CRM Custom Module Development.

Features of vTiger CRM

Using vTiger CRM you can perform:

  • Automation of your sales force which includes management of leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities as well as sales quotes.
  • Management of inventory comprising product catalogs, management of vendors, price books, sales & purchase orders and invoices.
  • Dashboards and reports consisting of customizable & pre-built 20+ reports & dashboards, key metrics and report folders.
  • Customer support using trouble tickets, knowledge base (online) and customer self service.
  • Activity and calendar management which includes recurring events, calls, shared calendars, meetings, notes, To Dos, email notifications and activity history.
  • Customization of products such as drag & drop modules, custom fields (ten separate data objects) and list views, pick lists and customization of currency.
  • Automation of marketing tasks like management of campaigns, mass mailing, templates for mail merge and emails, email extensions & integration and lastly email client.
  • Different plug-ins and extensions such as plus-ins for Outlook & Office and extension for Thunderbird.
  • Management of security with the help of profiles, roles, user management, groups and access control at organization level.

How to personalize vTiger CRM?

There are several vTiger CRM customization as well as extensibility features which allow administrators to personalize vTiger CRM development according to the requirements of their business. Few of the things which you can do are:

  • Include custom fields in all reports & forms.
  • Dragging as well as dropping of tabs for emulating distinct sales processes.
  • State values which are allowed in various drop down fields.
  • Customizable themes to change the look & feel of user interface.
  • Extend the interface & functionality that vTiger CRM has with various other products using several available add-ons.
  • Integrate vTiger CRM with different applications using APIs.
  • Flexibility of modifying the installation according to individual business requirements.