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Simple and easy to use Task Management System for small to large sized teams. Team task management software enables organizations to drive productivity.

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Evia's Team Task Management Software removes the complexity from tasks & project management and puts your team in control. You and your project team can quickly and easily set up new projects, assign and share tasks, share a centralized file library, send and receive notifications, and keep a track of all on-going tasks.

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Five Steps to organize and prioritize your Tasks
  • collectcollect
  • collect
  • DelegateDelegate
  • collect
  • PrioritizePrioritize
  • collect
  • ExecuteExecute
  • collect
  • ReportReport

Collect :

  • Productivity starts with off-loading what needs to get done from one's head, capturing everything that is necessary to track, remember, to take action on, into a bucket.
  • The idea is to get everything out of one's head and into a task management software, ready for processing.

Delegate :

  • Delegate early. (Make an effort to delegate the task early to avoid unnecessary pressure. )
  • Select the right person. (Assess the skills and capabilities of your staff and assign the task to the most appropriate person. )
  • Set clear goals and expectations. (Be clear and specific on what is expected. Give information on what, why, when, who and where. )
  • Delegate responsibility and authority. (Ensure that the subordinate is given the relevant responsibility and authority to complete the task. )
  • Provide support, guidance and instructions. (Point subordinates to the resources they may need to complete the task or project. )

Prioritize :

  • Most Critical - First. (Prioritize the tasks in sequence of most critical to be executed first. )
  • Prioritize Dependent Tasks. (There are jobs in nature which involves dependency and the other member cannot take up his/ her task, unless the preceding task is completed. )

Execute :

  • Focus all your energy on the most important tasks. (The much quoted 80/20 rule states that 80% of the value you create in a day will come from 20% of the activities you perform. Meaning, if you complete those 20% you will have done much, much more than if you complete all the rest. )
  • Track Your Tasks. (Periodically review the tasks you have in hand and keep a tap on the deadlines. )
  • Ask for Help. (If you are not sure about something or you have a problem, do not hesitate to ask for help from colleagues, sub-ordinates or seniors. )

Report :

  • Update Status. (Update the status of tasks and let your reporting authorities know the progress. )
  • Track Progress. (Report enables monitoring & tracking the status of the project and it’s respective task(s), ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page. )

Features of Team Task Management Software
  • Plan, Manage and Achieve Anything, Beautifully : A simple and fluid way to get things done quickly & efficiently. Simplify complex projects & tasks, with a clear view on status, progress and who’s working on what.
  • Management Without Email : Spend less time in your inbox by uploading files, setting reminders and sending messages in one productivity-boosting workspace.
  • Task Management : Friendly enough for the entire team, with powerful functionality for projects of any size.
  • Time Management : Boost efficiency and never miss a deadline again.
  • Auto Notifications : Auto email notifications to users on the tasks due today, tomorrow, this week, next week, etc. based on periodicities chosen.
  • Reporting : Robust reporting feature with options to search based on Users, Projects, Tasks, Priorities & Statuses.

USPs of Evia’sTask Management Software
  • The software application will be hosted in your premises and under your control;
  • There is no restriction on number of users or projects or tasks;
  • Unlike pre-packaged software, Evia's Task organizer software is very simple, precise, to the point and is extremely user friendly;
  • As the Team Task Management Software is going to be customized to suit your business process and operations, any kind of amendments or enhancements are doable;
  • Training will be provided post deployment;

Why Evia?
  • Highly skilled & experienced techno-sales / BA team to understand your business requirement;
  • Prompt & pro-active approach;
  • Flexible development model;
  • Transparent and clear communication;
  • Tested and proven quality process;
  • On-Time project deliveries;
  • Support & training to you staff to adapt the software;
  • Strong after sales support;
  • 100 days of free after sales support;

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