Warranty Management System

Warranty Management System Software Application

An efficient Warranty Management system for mobile dealers

For a mobile dealer or a CSR, managing the warranty and RMA record for a huge number of mobile phones on a daily basis is itself a tedious job. Every day, hundreds of mobiles are received either for replacement, refund or repair, and keeping a track of each of them can be really difficult. Moreover you have to ensure that timely action is taken on every handset received from the customer. This is where a Warranty Management System comes handy.

Evia's Warranty Management System offers end-to-end solutions to its clients. Our comprehensive application helps customers increase their productivity. What's more, collectively, Evia's warranty management software called as 'WMS', helps increase overall product quality by tracking typical claims and in turn, their operational costs. This further increases customer satisfaction. Here is a detailed picture of how Evia's Warranty Management System for mobile suppliers helps increase dealers' productivity and business.

How Evia's Warranty Management System is beneficial to your business

  • The biggest advantage with Evia's Warranty Management System is that it can be easily implemented. You don't have to be a tech-savvy person to operate the system. The WMS is designed in such a way that it can be used by a layman as well. Its interface is clutter-free and easy to maneuver. User needs to follow very few steps in order to enter any kind of details such as CSRs, mobile IMEI numbers or creating RMAs.
  • It is a cost effective solution, but at the same time it is highly efficient. The 'Home' tab of the Evia's Warranty Management System displays a dashboard. You can get a quick view of RMA summary by dealers as of current date. Similarly, you can also view RMA summary by manufacturer, model of the mobile and symptoms as of current date. This data helps dealers and suppliers understand the typical problems occurring in a particular model. This data helps target the problem with the handset and also reduce the number of claims for this particular problem in the future.
  • Evia's Warranty Management System for mobile suppliers helps to merge the data, procedures and policies that drive and manage the complete warranty process.
  • Your teams of dealers and CSRs are empowered to manage the warranty process for different mobile makes and their models with Evia's WMS's assistance. There is no need to keep a separate record for each make. Everything can be clubbed, viewed and managed at the same place called as the Warranty Management System.
  • Evia's Warranty Management System for mobile dealers assists in managing the claims data in such as way that it amends customer experience and reduces process cycle time. The most important feature of the WMS is that it spots potential abuses and claim trends for the latest models.
  • Evia's WMS lets you create different roles and responsibilities of the users. Proper division of the tasks and responsibilities help attain smooth processing of the claims and warranties of the devices.

Get the best out of Evia's Warranty Management System for mobile suppliers

You as a mobile dealer or supplier can get the best features of managing your claims and warranty processes with Evia's Warranty Management System. It enhances operational efficiency and streamlines the complete warranty management process that includes product registration, its diagnosis, processing, cost involved and decision administration whether to recall or return the part.

Apart from above, our WMS is loaded with other additional features making it a complete comprehensive solution.