Search Engine Marketing Services

Experience an overflow of traffic with our Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is an umbrella term in the sense that it covers conducting a wide range of activities aimed at bringing traffic to a website. Search Engine Marketing involves using both organic (un-paid) as well as inorganic (paid) ways to bring traffic to a website. Since SEM covers both aspects of promoting a website (Paid and Un-paid) it has a wide range and offers better results.

What SEM really is?

There are several misconceptions regarding SEM as many think that running a paid campaign i.e. search engine advertizing is search engine marketing. However the scope of SEM is much wider. Search Engine Marketing comprises of different components such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Advertizing
  • Social media Optimization
  • Link Building
  • RSS Feeds and other inclusion programs
  • PPC Campaigns

Each of the above techniques is used by online marketers to bring traffic to a website and increase its position in search engine results. However, when all of them are combined together in a web promotion campaign it is known as search engine marketing.

Advantages of SEM over other Promotional Activities

As search engine marketing uses both organic and inorganic ways the amount to traffic generated by it is considerably high when compared to other forms of web promotion. With SEM a website not only gets organic traffic from search engines it also gets direct traffic from online ads. Moreover, the conversion rate of people coming from ads is generally higher as people who are genuinely interested in something click on ads. Because of the high volume of visitors conversion rate is also high in SEM.

As the scale of any SEM campaign is huge proper tracking of progress is also very important. Different SEM tools are used to track and monitor daily progress. Based on these reports the overall web promotion strategy is adjusted. This is why a SEM strategy should always be flexible and scalable so as to account for all the changes.

With Search Engine Marketing Services from EVIa you can stay ahead of the competition. By developing scalable and customized SEM strategy and with our proactive work methodology and collaborative focus on campaigns we add value to our clients business and ensure that all your business goals are met. Our SEM strategies are designedto directly affect the bottom line of any business and result in increased ROI.