Ecommerce Shipping Integration

Create efficient online store with our Ecommerce Shipping Integration and Integrated Logistics Solutions

Thanks to the increase in Ecommerce websites and online stores, now we have the luxury of shipping products between countries or continents with much lesser cost involved. The Ecommerce business has seen dramatic increase and changes. With easier and quicker options to transform the normal Ecommerce websites into efficient and demanding online stores, more and more companies are successfully establishing their name in their respective market.

Integration with major shipping systems in the world not only increases your revenue and goodwill but also helps in providing satisfaction to your customers. Shipping integration offers buyers to have a comparison of various shipping rates available and select the service that best suits their condition and requirements. It further enables customers to see the real time shipping rates and track the progress of their orders.

Enjoy the benefits of Fedex and UPS Shipping Solutions with our Professional Ecommerce Shipping Integration Services

Shipping integration with your shopping cart enhances the overall user experience for customers and also helps in reducing costs incurred during shipping process. It is quite important to plan ahead before designing your online store as it determines your future prospects including profit and revenue generation. We at Eviaglobal provide one of the best Integrated Logistics Solutions in India.

Our team of web developers is experts in integrating Ecommerce websites with popular shipping carriers including FedEX and UPS shipping solutions. Our customizable shipping systems are such designed that they automatically determine shipping rates, manage pickups and provide tracking capabilities.

Benefits of using our Ecommerce Shipping Integration:

  • You will have the ability to calculate the real shipping prices based on the real time information provided by FedEx, DHL and UPS online tools.
  • You will have the freedom to set and create your own shipping prices and methods.
  • You can directly print labels for your single or bulk orders from your online store for FedEx, UPS or USPS.
  • You will have the ability to make slight changes in the carrier shipping prices, generally by a percentage.
  • Our designs automatically send shipping tracking information to the customers through email and notify any changes during delivery process, hence reduce the service calls from customers.
  • Your customers will have the ability to check shipping options and rates, and can choose any of the available shipping options during checkout.
  • You can manually calculate shipping rates by determining quantity of items ordered, total weight and invoice amount based on the destination zip code or country.
  • You can avail free shipping on certain orders over a specific amount limit or can also set handling free option for certain products.
  • Our designs will allow you to specify shipping options for your products.