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Website Redesign Services, Website Redesign Company

Our website redesign services provides our clients with a new user interface in order to improve online businesses.

On the internet, websites should be updated with design, user experience and functionally to attract potential visitors to your website. With a new website design you can emphasize your business, improve services and products and also gain more online revenue. We at Evia, a Website Redesign Company can help clients from multiple businesses to redesign their websites for B2B, B2C Portal and Ecommerce platforms.

What We Do?

Redesigning website with a unique user interface and further developing it with the latest technologies. Evia expertise in:

  • UI Designing
  • Frontend Htmlization
  • Programming
  • Content Management

How We Do It?
  • Photoshop Design: After thoroughly studying different websites, keeping in mind the clients requirements, our expert designers visualize and create multiple sample designs using design tools such as Abode Photoshop, Coral Draw, etc.
  • Htmlization: Once the designs are approved by our clients, they are sent to our html developers for Htmlization. The latest languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap and PHP are use to develop webpages as per the design.
  • Testing: On complete Htmlization, the source code is sent to our testing team for errors and reviews.

Our Technology Expertise:
  • Html
  • CSS3
  • js
  • php


Our Results
  • Aditech -Website Redesign Services

  • Jaguarservices - Redesign the Web

  • GNH India - Website Redesign

  • KWE - Web Redesign

  • WNFC- Website Redesign Services

  • Neelikon - Website Redesign

  • Osskcorp - Redesigning Website

  • Pollard Windows - Website Redesign Services

  • Tour-india - Website Redesign

  • Iremgroup - Website Redesign Services

  • Premiumchickfeeds - Website Redesign