Payroll Management Software

Payroll Management Software Development services in India

Payroll Management Software developed for easily manage details like employee salary and leave information of the company employees. This system allow to small and bigger organization to automate payroll of their workforce as per India government rules. Our software help you to Manage salary records, Salary Adjustments, Complete control for Tax calculation, form 16, Deduction management like PT/PF, loan management and email salary slip.

Transaction module enables transaction related operations like payment entry, employee login and log out time, check and voucher details as well as invoice details in month. Payroll software enable you to import details from excel and PF Data. User friendly interface help Human Resource Department (HR) to handle information like Appointment Letter and Department wise CTC List of the employee. The payroll solution also useful in generation other reports like employee Birthday Viewer and current and left employee details. Integration of this software into your organization helps you to save time and remove trouble in maintain large employee records.

  1. Salient Features
    • Advanced Payroll Management Software
    • Easy Navigation & User friendly
    • Desktop based Interface
    • Import & Export of Data
  2. Standard Features
    • Complete master entry management
    • Add More than one company
    • More than one Division/ Zone/Units for specific Company
    • Auto process of salary
    • Standard Statutory Reports
    • Robust & fast payroll processing
  3. Advanced Features
    • Manage all kind of masters
    • Wide options to generate monthly & periodically reports
    • Auto process with filter option for payroll process
    • Old history migration for new joinee
    • Complete control for Tax calculation(as per government rules)
    • Option to provide Salary Adjustments
    • Facility to manage loan for individuals
    • Email salary slip ,form 16 etc
  4. Payroll Modules
    • Deduction management like PT, PF, ESI with condition to apply for all or specific employee
    • Manageable payroll parameters like BASIC RATE, DA RATE with condition to apply for all or specific employee
    • Feature to manage Investments/Savings and activate for all/specific employee
    • Leave management like CL, SL and En cashable Leaves like PL
    • Loan management for specific employee.EMI& prepayment facility to re-pay loan
  5. Income Tax Parameters
    • Manage Income Tax section percentages :Section 80G, 80GG, 80L, 80CCC, 80D, 80DD, 80DDB (For Chapter VI-A) and 88, 88A, 89 (For Chapter VIII)
    • Define tax slabs according to the government rules

Module Description

  1. Manage Masters
    • Option to manage Company, Division, Zone, Unit, Department
    • Option to manage Employee Category, Designations, Employee, Grade
    • Option to manage Allowances, Deduction Groups, Deduction, Loans, Allowances Rates
    • Option to manage PF Nomination/Family Master, PF And ESIC No Entry, Update Auto PF No
    • Manage slabs for Professional Tax , LWF Slabs, Income Tax Slab
    • Manage IT Sections, IT Rebates
    • Slabs for Leave, LOP
    • Manage Shifts, Holiday, Employee Deduction Entry
    • Manage Users, User Rights
  2. Transactions
    • Payment Entry, Payment Entry Multi Salary
    • Monthly Attendance Entry ,Daily Attendance And InOut Time, Monthly In Out Time Entry
    • Arrears Entry, Cheque Number Entry / Print, Pay Remark Entry
    • Change Pay Mode Details, Voucher Payment Entry, Loan Payment, Loan Adjustment
    • Loan Balance Transfer , Loan Interest Update
    • Leave Allocation, Leave Adjustment, Leave Balance Transfer
    • PF Challan, ESIC Challan, PT Challan, TDS Challan, Additional IT Challan, LWF Challan
    • Form 16 Investment Entry, Quarter Acknowledgement No Entry , Form 12BA Entry
    • LTA Opening Balance Entry, LTA Opening Balance Transfer, Asset Transactions, Asset Opening Balance Entry
    • Daily Production Entry, Expenses Transactions, Invoice
    • PF Slip Opening Balance Transfer, PF Slip Entry , PF Monthly Entry, PF Yearly Entry,
    • Close/Lock Attendance Entry, Close/Lock Payment Entry,Close/Lock Challans Entry
  3. Import Data
    • Import Employees Details From Excel
    • Import Attendance Summary
    • Import Daily Attendance From Excel
    • Import In Out Time From Excel
    • Import PF And ESIC Monthly Data
    • Import Yearly PF Data
  4. Monthly Reports
    • Pay Slip / Register, Deduction / Earning Statement, Department Wise CTC Projected
    • Department Wise CTC List, Dept Wise Allowance Deduction Statement, OT / PT Register
    • Pay Mode Wise Statement, Bank Transfer To Excel & Text
    • JV Register, Salary Summary, Deductions Summary, Pay Earnings / Deductions Statement, Pay Register Summarized, Arrear Register
    • In Out Reports, Attendance / Summary Register ,In Out Register For The Day, In Out Register / Emp / Early/ Late / Summary, Daily Attendance In-Out Time
  5. Periodical Details
    • Periodically Pay Register, Bonus Register, Advance Balance / Payment
    • Loan Statement, Loan / Payment / Summary / Register
    • Leave Register, Leave Salary Register
    • Form M / N, Leave Form 20
    • LTA Register, Gratuity Register, Periodical Detailed Pay &Register, Periodical Summary Pay &Register, Periodical Category Wise Pay Register, Periodical Attendance Summary, Periodical Detailed Attendance &Register, Periodical Summary Attendance &Register, Periodical Voucher Payment Register
    • Employees Net Earnings &Year Wise, Loan Statement, Employee Salary History
  6. PF Reports & Returns
    • PF Monthly Register, PF Periodical Register, PF Form2, PF Form5 / 10
    • PF Form12A, PF Form3A, PF Form6A, PF Form9, PF Form10C / 10D / 19 / 11 / 13 / 5IF / 20
    • PF Reconciliation, PF ESIC Withdrawal / Nominee Submission Report, PF And ESIC Summary, PF Data File, GPF Reports
  7. ESIC Reports & Returns
    • ESIC Monthly Register, ESIC Submission Report, ESIC Periodical Register
    • ESIC Form5, ESIC Form7 32 – Register, ESIC Declration Form1 / Form1 (10B) / Form 1B
    • ESIC Inspection Statement, ESIC IP Register, ESI Data Transfer, Statutory Deductions Statement, PFESIC Monthly Statement, PF Esic Statement, PT Challan Summary
  8. TDS Reports
    • Detailed Form 16 Projection, Form 27A
    • Form 16 / ITR Form 12B / 12BA, ETds File Generation
  9. HR Reports
    • Appointment Letter, Appointment Confirmation Letter, Appointment Letter with CTC
    • Department wise CTC List, Increment Letter, Increment Confirmation, Employee Info List
    • Relieving Letter, Leave Application, Warning Irregular Attend, Application For Resignation, Birthday List
  10. Other Reports
    • Employee Birthday Viewer, Left Employee List, New Join Employee List, Master List For Employees
    • Master Gross/Allowances, Division/Department List, Employee History, Unprocessed Salary Pay Check List, Salary Comparison Statement, Voucher Payment Register, Asset Stock Register / Summary
    • Asset Register Employee Wise, Asset Type Wise Register, Expenses Register Employee Wise, Users Log Details, Cost Sheet / Production Sheet, Form D, Contractor Reports