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Ecommerce jewellery website guide for Jewellery Manufacturers, Traders & Jewelry Artists

Crucial jewellery ecommerce website tips for 2015

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition

    It is vital to stay ahead of the fiercely competitive market with an engaging, innovative and fresh ecommerce presence. Online jewellery merchants and retails need to put a lot of thought and ensure they are well equipped with the latest technology and features to drive visitors.

  • Give an Enhanced Experience

    Include freebies, deals, or free shipping helps to attract customers and also to turn on to your website once again. So design your online ecommerce website with proper emphasis on user interface and aesthetics to offer your customers with a highly personalised experience.

  • Product Reviews

    It has been observed that majority of the customers decide upon buying a product depending on the reviews associated with them. Attractive, clean and easy to browse reviews help a lot to the customers for making a decision.

  • Go Social

    Social media has certainly taken the world by storm and the success of your online store depends a lot on your social media strategy. Social media integration and marketing is very essential to engage with masses and drive traffic and brand loyalty.

  • Enhance Visibility by Going Mobile

    Research shows that nearly 23% of the people use smart phones or tablets to shop for products online; therefore increase your visibility by offering customers with a well optimised website.

  • Stay Relevant

    Listen to what your customers are saying so as to give them exactly what they desire.

  • Reward Your Customers

    A good way to keep your customers engaged and interested is to offer them with loyalty programs, discounts and offers. A little extra can help increase the reach of your business.

Why create yet another website when you already have one?

For those who already have an ecommerce site

  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Content & Linking Analysis
  • On site optimization
  • Social Activity
  • Keyword Usage
  • Load Speed Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Visitor Engagement
  • Web Standard Analysis

Our Features for Ecommerce Jewellery Website

  • Product Catalogue Management
  • Marketing Tools & Promotions
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Sales Orders & Customer Management
  • Site Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • SEO
  • Website Compatibility

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